Individual solution concepts

From planning to implementation

We ensure that you can transport goods efficiently in your business.


• Understand needs
• Define requirements
• Develop the solution



• Expertise in product design
• Specialized knowledge of industrial applications
• Fast realization


• Ideas
• Testing
• Iteration



• Large and small quantities
• Short lead times
• High industrial standards



• Maintain operational safety
• Secure internal material flow
• One-stop-shop



Custom-made transport solutions

In times of globalisation, innovations and know-how are the key requirements for a company's success.

From the beginning, the LKE Group has distinguished itself through knowledge, capability and many years of experience. This combination is clearly reflected in our concentrated capacity for innovation.

The ideas factory

Many years of experience in development and construction combined with the practical implemen- tation of individual product solutions to the point of series production guarantee the satisfaction of our customers.

Our highly qualified ideas factory convinces with technical know- how and the use of the most modern 3D CAD systems.

Even complex tasks can be completed with the highest level of precision. Production and functional capability can already be estimated during the con- struction process.

Virtual presentations of specific customer requests illustrate how requirements are implemented.