Corporate Culture

Together for quality and innovation

People need goals and values just like companies. Our understanding and our goals are based on the prevailing corporate culture of cooperation. This is the kind of togetherness and the values ​​of our actions form the foundation. These are the passion for our products, integrity, entrepreneurial thinking and action and respect. We want to build trust, set an example and take responsibility. For us, this means living a philosophy together which conveys orientation and identity. The LKE Group lives these values ​​from conviction. For this, a mission statement was formulated containing the values ​​we share which is the basis for our actions - and will be in the future.


We are all proud of our work because the employees are the greatest asset of our company. Their know-how, commitment and performance make us successful. We therefore attach great importance to the development of our employees through regular training and seminars. The health care of our employees and safety at every workplace is also particularly important to us. 


Daily interaction is characterised by building trust and honest and open dealings with each other. Relying on each other, taking responsibility, being curious and acting as an example inspire us, our colleagues and our customers. The will to innovate springs from the flexibility and adaptability of our staff and their openness to new ideas. Our employees approach to their future tasks and challenges with courage, initiative and confidence.  


According to the motto: Working together for quality and innovation, i.e. in dialogue with each other, across all levels of hierarchy, each employee promotes our corporate culture. Because working in a good corporate atmosphere also makes work fun. The motivation and the desire to work increases which means more efficiency and greater job satisfaction. And that results in our economic success.