Social Commitment

For years, the LKE Group has been committed to the well-being of seriously ill children and supports social projects and facilities nationwide. 

Projects and Initiatives 

Help for the centre for children's palliative care in Datteln, Germany

For some children, the future looks very bleak because they are suffering from an incurable disease.
We can only accompany them on their way for a brief time so we must make the little time we can spend with them as carefree and happy as possible.

For many years now, LKE has committed itself to the comfort of children who are seriously ill and has sponsored social projects and facilities such as the Children’s Palliative Care Centre in Datteln, Germany.

The centre not only lends a helping hand to the children as well as to their parents and brothers and sisters, but also provides high-tech palliative medical treatment and the necessary assistance and support to make this difficult situation a little easier to bear.

More information on the centre for children's palliative care: